[Oneshot] It’s Started With Hurt

 It’s Started With Hurt

Written By Gladevicious

Cast       :

  • Jessica Jung
  • Kim Jonghyun

Length  :  1.526 Word / Oneshot

Language : Full English

Disclaimer : I do own the plot. Sorry if there are typo , actually my English not good and it’s my first fanfiction with English language kkkk~ . Hope you like this guys. 😀

I stand up in front of her and staring out of her . I still waiting for her answer about my confession. Yeah my confession . I love her and I can’t to hidden my true feeling from her. I can’t to hidden my feeling just because a stupid rules from our company.

“Sica noona ?” I call her with slowly voice

Jessica noona sigh and bow she head , I think she afraid to look at me but why ?

“Noona are you okay ?” ask me so worried .

She nodded head and gazed me with tired eyes.

“Sorry Jjong.”

I’m frozen , what she said ? Sorry ? She rejecting me ? She doesn’t love me ?

Ah it’s impossible . I know that she’s love me too but … but why she rejecting me ? Why ? tell me why ?!

“Jjong are you okay ? Sorry for…”

I smile so vague and held her shoulder  “I’m okay noona , just because you rejecting me my life can’t  be down.” Said me lie , yes I’m lie to her . I’m a liar now . It’s sound very sadly right ?

“Ehm noona sorry for confiscate your time , I remember that I must to go to practice room. I have to go.” Said me .

“Now ?” ask her

I’m nodded my head “Yeah , I have to go Now! See you later.” I revert my body and stepped so far away from her.

It’s hurt noona . So hurt. And without conscious my tears are flowing now.


I sat in my chair and look at my screen phone. It’s me and Jonghyun , I took this photo when we be a guest star on shim shim tapa radio with Ryeowook Super Junior. I miss the time that we always together , really I miss the time. I know that it is my mistake because I rejecting him confession . I know it sound so fool . I know…! I feel my love story almost resemble with Tamia song “Almost.”

I heard the handle of the door of my room spin , I gaze up and I see Yuri entered my room.

“Jessica…” I heard she call my name

I nodded my head and ask to her “Ne , what happen Yul~ ?” ask me slowly

Yuri look at me so deeply  “You look not so good today , what happen with you ?” ask Yuri without answer the Question from me before.

I sigh “You have not answer my…”

“Sssshhhh… why ? tell me if you have a problem Sica. I’m your best friend , If you have a problem you can tell to me .” said Yuri.

I bow my head and hugged Yuri. I’ll cry now and I want confess to Yuri about my true feeling.

“Yuri~ah I’m rejecting him , I’m so bad .” I admit with her.

“Heh ? You rejecting someone ? who ? Who he is ?” ask Yuri so curious

“You know that I love the one of SHINee member right ?”

Yuri nodded “Yeah I know , you love Jong…Ah sica!!” Yuri scream and she look at me so deeply.

I Looked up to Yuri “Why you scream Yuri~ah ?” ask me

“Sica don’t say that the boy you mean is Jonghyun ?” said Yuri so shocked

“Hmmmm… but I really rejecting him Yul~.”

Yuri spin her eyes “Are you fool sica ? don’t you know that he love you too huh ? what do you thinking until you rejecting him huh ?!” she said so angry. “I Know that you love him but…”

I bow my head again and sigh so long “You forget about our company rules eh ?” ask me so slowly.

Yuri laugh so flat and she look at me again “It’s a stupid rules ! You don’t have to obey it , like me and Minho.”

“But if they know about our relationship , my dream and Jonghyun dream will be lose.” I said so sadness. “And I think he already hate me because I was reject him , so it’s will hard for we can be together. I know that his heart feel so hurt because of me now , I know that now he hate me . And doesn’t love me again”

Yuri sigh “Don’t you know ? Love is never late. Now you call him and tell to him about your true feeling.” Yuri revert her body and leave me alone in this room.

I take my phone from top of table and soon to call Jonghyun.

Jonghyun raised my vocation  “Hi noona , what happen ?” it’s heard not so good

“errr can we meet at roof our company tonight ?”

“Sorry noo…”

“please…” said me with puppy sound.

“errr okay.. at time ?

“8.00 PM, I’ll be waiting for you so don’t be late.”

“Hmmm arraso, but why we must meet on the rooftop?”

“Don’t give me so many question, just come tonight. See you .”

I turn off my phone and put it on my chest

“I Must to confess my true feeling , I shouldn’t  be late…”


Now I Stand up on the rooftop our company with Jonghyun who stand up beside me.

“So why do you want to meet me at here ? ask Jonghyun such investigate me

errr I want confess something to you. Can I ?”  ask me carefully

“Ye noona , you can . Let’s started your confession.” Said Jonghyun flatly

it’s about my true feeling,my heart. The one who I Love and like”

“Ne, so ?”

“Jjong… errr I… I…” oh God I Feel so nervous

“Yeah , why you ?” He smirk , he look like know about what I want to say.

“Errr… I … ” I bitten my lip , what should I do ?

“Noona let’s say what you want to say.” Said Jonghyun

I sigh and smiled so nervous “I… I… I love you Jjong.”

Yeah! Finally I can to confess my true feeling to him.

“Pardon ?”

Huh ? He want me to repeat my confession , damn.

 “I…I Love you.” I repeat my confession

“I not heard your voice.”

“I Love You Kim Jonghyun! Are you happy now ? you look so contentedly.”

“…” Jonghyun not give me a response .

“Jjong…  ? Are you okay ?” I look at his eyes

“…” ugh still not response. Am I Late to confess my true feeling ? or he already have a girlfriend now  ?

“Jjong am I late to confess my feeling ? Jjong am I late ?” ask me so slowly , if it true so I Can’ to loving Jonghyun more.

I Feel His arm held my shoulder and hugged me so deep. It’s feel so warm.

“No noona no … I’m happy to listen it. You never late to confess your true feeling . I always waiting for you noona , always. I Knew that you love me too like me love you. I love you noona, love you so much.”

“Really ? are you sure ? don’t you hate me because I ever rejecting you ?”

Jonghyun shook his head “No noona , because Love doesn’t have to hate.”

My tears are flowing now , I don’t believe that Jonghyun really love me. he never hate me although I ever rejecting his confession love to me.

My tears ret his shirt. “Why you crying noona ?” he sound worried

“Because I feel happy to loving and having you in my live.” I said so embarrassed

Jonghyun smiled to me and strengthen his arms.

“Me too noona. I fall in love to you , I fall so deep in love to you.” His whisper.

I smiled and hugged him “Thanks for fall in love with me.” I whisper too.

Suddenly Jonghyun give a sharp gaze to me , made me bloomer . I’m take a bow and look at floor, tried to eluding from his gaze.

Jonghyun laugh  “Why you look at down ?” he ask.

“…” I’m not response him but suddenly I feel he touch my chin and raise my head . Make me look in him eyes.

“J…jonghyun~a…” I call him so nervous .

He not giving me a response , he just bring nearer his head to me. And suddenly his soft lip touch my lip . Feel so warm . He kiss me so deeply and slow . It’s so romantic . I never imagine that my first kiss will be like this.

His suddenly disengage our kiss and look at me so deeply and he also smiled to me .

“What happen with you ?” ask me so cold

He laugh “Don’t be cold my princess I just wanna say…”  He hanged his sentence.

I pucker up my forehead and look at him so curious “Wanna say ?”

“I’ll sing a song for you.” Said him suddenly

“Eh ?”

“Juliette . I’ll give you my soul Oh Juliette…”


“Why ?”

“You don’t have to give your soul to Juliette . Just to me , just give your soul to me ‘Jessica Jung.’

He laugh out loud after hearing my words.

“Okay , Jessica I’ll give you my soul oh Jessica… Well are you happy babe ?”

I nodded and smiled to him and after that I hugged him so deeply.

We started our story with hurt but finally we have a happy ending story ^_^




8 responses to “[Oneshot] It’s Started With Hurt

  1. waaa, akhirnya sica bales jd pernyataan jjong setelah sekian lama ngereject terus..btw baru sekali ini baca ff dlm english, kata2nya simple dan mudah dimengerti *krn ga tll bs jg* #plak

    • Ahahaha iya , wow baru pertama kali ya ? kkk~
      Syukur deh ff ku jadi ff berbahasa inggris pertama yang kamu baca :D.
      Aku memang sengaja pakai kalimat-kalimat yang simpel soalnya kalau terlalu panjang aku takut banyak yang gak paham 😀

  2. good fanfiction..
    Ceritanya simple tapi ngena *apasih*
    Tapi kayaknya ada beberapa kata yang harus diperbaiki ya? Kkk~
    Kayak misal “we’re relationship”, harusnya “our relationship”.
    Tapi udah bagus kok ceritanya, cuma bahasanya aja. Hehe.. *plakk* *gampar diri sendiri* *banyak komen*

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